GSE IPTV Xtream Code Installation


Download GSE IPTV application from Android or iPhone. Then Open the Application, enter the Xtream Codec API Section. Press + Marker M3U Select. On behalf of Playlist: iptv

GSE iptv tutorial

We will explain how to use your Smart IPTV Premium subscription on the GSE Smart IPTV application, available for iPhone and Android (Play Store & Apple store)

This application works without an m3u file using Xtream-Codes API (portal) and your login details.

1 – Install the GSE Smart IPTV application (below are the links on the Apple store and play store):

  • Play Store
  • Apple store

2- After installation, launch the application and go to the menu on the left and then click on Xtream-Codes API
GSE SMART IPTV subscription

GSE SMART IPTV subscription

Then click on the add (+) icon in yellow to fill in your information:

GSE SMART IPTV smart iptv subscription

GSE SMART IPTV premium iptv subscription

On the form enter the following information:

Name: Iptv Premium

Server URL:

Username: your-username

Password: your-password

NB: you can find your PASSWORD and your IDENTIFIER on the link of your m3u file. Example: http://……./get.php? username = your-username & password = your-password &type=m3u&output=ts

Then click on ADD

We hope you find this article interesting.

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GsE Smart iptv Xtream Codec Api Entering Video


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