Hiremco IPTV Setup

Hiremco IPTV

Hiremco IPTV If your device is Hiremco Turbo iPTV or Plus Devices and you don’t know how to install iPTV,in fact our topic is for you.

First of all, open your device, you will see iPTV button at the top of your remote, press it. When you press that key,to clarify a screen will appear as in the picture below. I am sharing the picture below.

We are entering the Xtream iptv section that will be “Xtream iPTV”, which is important for us.

When we got there;


To clarify M3u or M3u Plus Options Will  Release Let’s Choose the “M3U Plus” One For Grouped CHANNEL LIST !!

The URL you got from your iptv provider: | NAME | PASSWORD | Enter the KI parts in those parts completely. It will not be connected when it enter incompletely.

If you think you have entered the information completely, press the Save button and press the Login or Login Button.

To explain The Channel List will come to you as in the picture I shared below.

Hiremco turbo IPTV If your device is Hiremco  iPTV or Hiremco Turbo iptv Plus Devices and you don’t know how to install iPTV, our topic is for you.


When Hiremco Impela 4K is first turned on, the dtv says there is no signal, and when the channel is changed, I couldn’t find a solution and most of the time , even if the channel comes, it is either half screen or very loud sound . For this to be fixed, I turn it on and off or unplug it and wait, when I plug it in and start it, the problem is fixed most of the time and this signal problem is always there.

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