Home IPTV Setup

home iptv setup

WARNING: home iptv setup Home iptv application is available on most smart tvs. Home iptv is a free application and does not show channels categorically. You can easily do the installation by following the steps below.

install (home iptv setup)

  • After installing the Home iptv application on our television, we need to enter https://homeiptv.com/ from our computer or phone and load the channel list.


  • In order to delete our old channel list in Home iptv, it is sufficient to enter the TV ID (mac address)  by the Home iptv application into the TV ID box in the Upload IPTV channels m3u playlist section and then press the Delete Channel button.
  • To install later, we write the TV ID (mac address)  by the Home iptv application on our TV into the TV ID box. Paste the m3u url link we gave you to the M3U URL section. By pressing the Import Channel button, you are uploading our channel list to your TV.

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In order to run your iptv subscriptions, you need to upload a file under 1.5 MB. Otherwise, even if you load your Playlist, it will not appear.

Free means it’s free to use. It cannot be compared with applications such as Smart iptv, Netiptv, Setiptv. But for the friends who do not want to pay money for the iptv application, it is a perfect application. THE ONLY shortcoming in my opinion is that it does not have a category feature. There is no “SERIES” feature in the application. IPTV Owners who add a series to the Series part of their servers will not show the series in the application.


You will see sections such as IPTV – XPanel List. From here, press the MENU (Panel Settings) button. A new window will appear on the screen under the name of Xtream Panel Settings. Enter and save the requested iptv URL, Port, Username, Password information as we sent to your e-mail address after the purchase. Shortly after registration, the iptv channel list will be automatically installed on your device. You can start watching the broadcasts right after the installation process. We wish you a good viewing.

Since iptv is uploaded to Next 2000 HD iptv compatible satellite receiver with server information (URL, Port, Username, Password), it is sufficient to install it once on the device at first. When there is any update in the channel list (added a new channel, etc.), the device will receive the updates automatically.

X PANEL Key Functions;

  • MENU – Opens the Xtream Panel Settings (IPTV Setup) menu.
  • M+ – X PANEL Opens the main input menu.
  • SAT – After completing the installation process, it allows you to see iptv channels categorized (such as Turkey Channels, Germany Channels).
  • IPTV – If you have added more than 1 iptv on your device, you can switch via this button.
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