iptv flix m3u instal

IPTV flix m3u installation

iptv flix m3u, Hello; in general I will give you information about the introduction and activation of a new iPTV application.

Flix IPTV m3u Supported Devices: 

  • Smart Hub
  • LG
  • Sony Bravia
  • philips
  • TLC

Flix iPTV m3u
 App Features:

  • fixed Mac-Address
  • upload speed improved
  • overhead EPG (if your provider provides any EPG)
  • Improved loading of movies and TV shows
  • M3u files support
  • flussonic panel owner must load Playlist as M3u
  • Adding more than 100 favorite channels, movies, series.

The Application Supports The Above Features.

How to Install Flix iPTV M3U:

https://flixiptv.eu/ mylist Enter this address.

Type your TV Mac Code Given to You on the TV Screen to the Mac Address Section on the Site.

Paste Your M3U Link In The URL Address Section. If There Is No M3U, You Can Get M3U By Buying Test or İptv From Us.

After Entering the Information Correctly, Press the Submit Button. Total Channel Capacity is 15 Thousand. No More Accepted. For your information.


Although If your computer is on another network, it may be due to ISP lockout. However, when the network is the same as the computer and does not work properly, it may be due to the format supported by the TV. Otherwise Not all smart TVs support all content. So that Each TV model is completely different or may not support a specific streaming format!


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Flix iPTV Activation 

https://flixiptv.eu/activation Login to this address.

Enter the Mac Code Given by the TV in the Mac Address Section.

When Mac Code is entered, Paypal Option will be opened. You can pay with your Paypal from there and use iPTV Flix Application Unlimited and indefinitely.

Without iPTV Membership, the application does not function alone.

Activation Fee is 7.50 Euros. IF YOU CAN’T activate, we can buy an Activation Package from us and activate it for you.


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