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Set IPTV First of all, definitely do not update your Samsung Smart TVs or else: Smart IPTV Application Sorry, It’s Gone. So Turn Off the TV Update, Let It Go. Otherwise, your Smart iptv application will be deleted! Do not forget this.

1: Due to this situation, we searched and found the “Setiptv” Application for Samsung Smart TVs .

First of all, we enter the Samsung Smart Market. We Write Setiptv Instead of Search.

2: We Download This App. App will appear in our Market. We open the application. MAC Code will appear on the screen. This is Your TV’s ID (Mac Code) Save This Somewhere. Take This Immutable Note etc. This Is What Will Help Us.

3: SETIPTV M3U DOWNLOAD SITE <= THIS site is SETIPTV M3U Download Site First of all, we create a New Registration here.

Set IPTV Registration Link: SETIPTV USER REGISTRATION LINK CLICK! <= When you register here, log in with the username and password you registered from the link I gave above.

4. Now I’m going to show you how to use the M3u link in your hand. Pay attention to the picture below.

5: When you fill in the boxes above, press the “Send” button. Then Unplug Your TV and Plug In . Then come to your TV and enter the “Setiptv” Application. If you have done the process correctly, your channel list will come. If you have not succeeded in the process, read our topic again and again, make sure that you have entered it in the correct way and try the process again. Your channel list will come. Below I Show A Successful Example Shape.Set IPTV

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Installing Set IPTV M3u


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